Infidelity Statistics for 2022

Infidelity is the act of engaging in sexual behaviour with someone other than your spouse. This could include anything from engaging in adult conversation online to secretly meeting someone with a view to engage in sexual activities. Being unfaithful is something that many have done over the years, even down to King Louis XIV of France during the 1600’s, according to Château De Versailles.
In fact, his most famous mistress was Mademoiselle de la Valliere, with whom he courted from 1674. They even went as far as to have seven children together. Although that is an extreme example of how far infidelity can go, let’s fast-forward to 2022. Here are some infidelity statistics for the last year:
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How common was infidelity in 2022?

In 2022, between 18-20% of married couples experienced infidelity at some point, according to HeTexted, and it’s only set to become more common in future years, claims the PMC. Of those asked, 44% of people admitted to either already having an affair or have a view to commit infidelity in the future, states the PMC. YouGov also found that 1 in 5 people in England admitted to having an affair at some point throughout the year.

With this in mind, infidelity wasn’t as unpopular throughout 2022 as you might have thought. However, according to the New York Post, it’s no more common now than it was during the pandemic. Although, cheating is only going to become more prevalent in society as technology advances.

The Center for Treatment of Anxiety and Mood Disorders (CTAMD) found that, pre-1998, 14% of women and 24% of men had been unfaithful to their spouse, but by 2014, infidelity was reported in 41% of marriages in the USA alone. The same article as goes on to claim that these statistics are only set to get worse as time goes on because of one or more of the following reasons:

  • People think that an online affair isn’t the same as an in-person affair and justify it this way
  • Social media means it’s never been easier for people to connect with other without anyone knowing
  • Social media makes it more likely for people to get back in touch with their exes
  • There are hundreds, if not thousands, of online dating websites that people can sign up to and use secretly
  • The internet allows for anonymity, giving people the opportunity to reinvent themselves online and, therefore, live a secret life
  • The internet provides easy access to adult websites and content where cheating is constantly being encouraged

Who was more likely to have an affair in 2022?

The Truth About Deception found that 67% of men and 53% of women had cheated more than once in 2022. However, the same source also found that, whether they had cheated once or had done so more than once, women had cheated on their spouses more during 2022 than men.

But the former statistic tells us that men are more likely to do it again than women. The same source claims that, in 2022, 72% of men admitted to having a one night stand in comparison to 53% of women. However, in 2022, women were more likely to engage in cyber cheating (40%) than men (30%). Women are also more likely to cheat with someone that their spouse knows (44%) compared to 22% of men, which is something that The Truth About Deception also reports.

On average, how long did an affair last for in 2022?

The length of time, on average, for someone to fall in love with another person is around 6 months, but an affair is likely to last less time than that, according to the Zur Institute. WECT News claims that 65% of affairs that occurred in 2022 ended within 6 months. The same source also found that 25% of affairs lasted less than a week, with around 10% of them lasting longer than 6 months.

YouGov states that 20% of those who admitted to an affair had cheated more than three times on their spouse and 8% said they had cheated more than five times. On the other hand, around half of those who admitted to an affair, according to the same source, said they had stopped at just one affair.

Who were people most likely to cheat on their partner with in 2022?

The Truth About Deception claims that, in 2022, a spouse was most likely to cheat with someone that their other half knows – 44% of women and 22% of men. However, YouGov found that, in 2022, the 38% of perpetrators were most likely to cheat on their partner with someone from work.

The same source, on the other hand, found that the majority (43%) of those who cheated on their spouses did so with a friend. 3% of those asked admitted to having an affair with someone who was inside their significant other’s family, so this was the least likely scenario in 2022.

Which countries were the most unfaithful in 2022?

According to HeTexted, Thailand was the most unfaithful country throughout 2022, with around 51% engaging in infidelity. Denmark is second with 46% of those asked admitting that they have cheated on their partners. Italy came in third with 45% of people saying that they have been unfaithful. The two most faithful countries in 2022 are reportedly, and jointly, the United Kingdom and Finland, with 36% of people admitting to having an affair in 2022, according to the same source.
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