How I Became A Private Investigator

Working as the owner/founder of Delta 74 Private Investigations, it is a job I love and so far is a very rewarding career choice for me. One thing I love about it is that it really can take you anywhere in the world at any moment. How I became a private investigator starts with my military career though.

Serving In The Royal Marines

I joined up at the ripe old age of 17! I passed all the pre-joining tests and set off on my merry way to Commando Training Centre Lympstone down in Devon back in 2008 where I was about to do a whole lot of growing up. I passed the commando training course the easiest way possible in my opinion which is first time as an original in my recruit troop. It’s a pretty big deal..

I then served for 8 years in different units doing varying roles including electronic warfare, working with heavy weapons, guarding the nuclear capability and working within a commando fighting company at 42 Commando (pronounced as four two commando not forty-two) in Plymouth.

I loved my time within the Royal Marines but I knew it wasn’t forever. I wanted to start a life outside of the military and I knew I wanted to stick within my skill set. Now, I am not built like a bodyguard or good looking enough to get the top VIP close protection jobs (yes, those things do make a difference) so doing some research into new ventures I found surveillance and investigations work.


My transition was fairly smooth despite some rocky days of wondering if I was doing the right thing but I persevered and made the most of it with lots of support from my then fiancé, now wife Nikki.

I achieved my Level 4 BTEC in Covert Surveillance Level 3 Professional Investigators award with The Surveillance Group. I also completed various camera courses and began my journey of being self-employed. Which was not looked at very well upon by my peers in the Royal Marines and some saw me as essentially leaving unemployed!

The Early Days

For those looking to get into the surveillance/investigations industry, these early days are absolutely crucial.

I was travelling all over the UK taking on as many tasks as you can on a sub-contractor basis. I was learning new things on every job and being heavily critiqued by my colleagues and employers. Both my colleagues and employers were analysing my every move and decision, looking for mistakes which are fine to make and everyone does but were expected to be learnt upon quickly and not repeated.

I found my best assets were my integrity, attitude and willingness.

Holding your hand up and admitting mistakes early will gain far more respect and work than covering up and chancing it. Being trustworthy in this industry is everything, believe me. Having a huge willingness to learn from others goes a very long way and a willingness to better yourself even further. This includes spending some money on equipment and training. A few times I had to correct people who overpaid which always goes down well.

Building Up

After around a year I was well established on the surveillance circuit and managing to generate a comfortable wage after running costs. I had built up a network of other investigators around me and was being referred to others who needed extra help.

It was at this point in 2017 I set up Delta 74 Private Investigations Ltd and began taking on my own clients, very slowly. Since then I have worked internationally on surveillance tasks and all over the UK.

With plenty of help from others such as M R Investigations in Coventry, I have built up Delta 74 Private Investigations into a local private investigations company working with local businesses and private clients.

I am now receiving messages from lots of people in the same position I was in 2016 and I always strive to give my very best and honest advice to help out. This is why I chose to write this post on how I became a private investigator.

If you have read this and want some advice or an opinion please do get in touch by phone or over LinkedIn.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed an insight into how Delta 74 Private Investigations was born. Please feel free to share far and wide!


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