How a Private Investigator Can Help You to Trace Your Family

When a family is missing a member, it can have detrimental effects in more ways than one. Not only could it create a void in the family, but it could also affect one’s mental health and, in some cases, cause rifts to form.
As an emotionally-charged situation, it’s important that you put your faith in a private investigator to help locate a long-lost family member for you. Not only does this keep the stress and pressure off of you, but PIs have the skills and resources that the general public don’t. But how, exactly, does a private investigator in Derby, such as us here at Delta 74 Private Investigations, trace a long-lost or missing family member?

Statistics for families who are trying to trace long-lost members

According to The Guardian, approximately 180,000 people are reported missing every year, on average, in the United Kingdom. Between 2020 and 2021, the National Crime Agency (NCA) wrote a report that indicated the pandemic had a significant impact on the number of people who went missing that year, but not in the way you might have thought.

Instead of increasing, the numbers actually decreased. As detailed in the same report (2020-2021 UKMPU Statistical Data Report), in 2020/2021, 17.8% fewer missing people were reported that year compared to the previous year in England and Wales. Scotland also experienced a dramatic decrease with a reduction of 48.3% in 2020/2021 compared to 2019/2020.

Unfortunately, in 2020/2021, more children were reported missing than adults, according to the same NCA report, with 137,043 children going missing compared to 101,680 adults. This equates to well above the UK national average for people going missing each year. This highlights that, although the number had decreased compared to the previous year, having missing family members going missing is still a prevalent problem and Delta 74 Private Investigations can help locate your loved ones.

People Tracing

Who will a private investigator be able to look for?

A professional private investigator with a wealth of knowledge and expertise to draw upon, such as us here at Delta 74 Private Investigations, will be able to look for any one of your family members. Whether you suspect they now live in Australia or have heard stories about your long-lost loved one working in the United States of America, our PIs will be able to help you. We’ll look for several different family members, whether they be missing or long-lost, including, but not limited to, the following:
  • Parents, including step parents, adoptive parents and birth parents Grandparents
  • Children, including step children, adoptive children and biological children Grandchildren
  • Siblings, including step siblings, adoptive siblings, half-siblings and biological siblings
  • Aunties
  • Uncles
  • Family members who have disappeared
  • Family members who have run away
  • Family members who have been adopted or fostered

How does a private investigator trace a missing person?

Private investigators use a wide range of techniques to try and trace missing family members. We will often combine the use of several methods in order to find your missing family member. By using several different strategies, we can increase the likelihood that we’ll find the person, or persons, you’re looking for. Some of the techniques we will use to trace family members that are either missing or long-lost include, but is not limited to, the following:
Some private investigators will also search hospitals and mortuaries as well as do some networking and physical searches, like using specialised vehicles and devices to search air, land and sea. This is something that the general public will not have access to. If you’re wondering about the techniques a private investigator will use, then make sure you discuss it with them before going ahead with their services.

You can count on Delta 74 Private Investigations to help locate missing family members

Using our specialist people tracing service, you can rest assured that we’ll locate missing family members or, if they cannot be traced, find out what happened to them. People tracing services are often used by people who are searching for family members who have run away, are missing or have been adopted into another family. It might be that they’ve moved to another country and you lost touch completely. No matter the circumstances, Delta 74 Private Investigations will be proud to help.

As one of our core services, it can be adapted to suit the complexity of your situation. If a case is more complicated, then we can use a more in-depth people tracing package. The way in which we locate missing or long-lost family members is completely legal, with all of our online resources coming directly from the open internet.

However, should our basic package not yield any results, we’ll open our search to pursue an Open Source Intelligence Investigation. This is more commonly-known in the industry as an OSINT investigation. But you can rest assured that our basic people-tracing package is no-find, no-fee. But please note; if you need a more bespoke, complex investigation, then this will not be no-find, no-fee.

You’ll also have absolute peace of mind that we carry out a strict due diligence policy before we look to carry out any of our people tracing services, no matter how basic or complex they might be. This ensures that the subject of investigation isn’t being found with intent of harm. If you have any questions about our people tracing service, then be sure to ask one of our expert team.

Delta 74 Private Investigations understand how emotional and difficult this time can be. Our team of professionals are highly-trained to handle your situation as delicately as possible whilst still providing an excellent, effective service that will deliver the results and answers you and your family need. For more information about how we can help you with our people tracing services, get in touch with a member of our dedicated team today – we’re always happy to discuss your situation and work out a bespoke solution.
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