Facts About Divorce & Cheating Partners

The effects infidelity can have on a marriage can be detrimental to the survival of a relationship, but the commitment of marriage, children and other factors means that cheating is more tolerated than ever before in a relationship, despite still being the top reason for divorce. But what do the statistics say about cheating and divorce and what about the couples or remain unmarried?

What percentage of married couples cheat?

Although the exact percentage of those who commit adultery throughout the course of their marriage is unknown, studies have been done to give us an idea of numbers, for both married men and women. But one thing is for sure, according to research, men are more likely to cheat, overall, than women.

A study claims that 20% of the older, married couples they surveyed admitted to cheating on their significant others at least once during their marriage. According to the same study, 14% of adults under the age of 55 have reported cheating on their partners.

However, those who admitted to cheating during their marriage had been married for between 20 and 30 years. A survey, entitled The Truth About Deception, found that 50% of cheating spouses, both men and women, confessed to their partners about their infidelity.

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How many married men cheat?

The Institute for Family Studies (IFS) reported that 20% of the men they asked admitted to cheating on their partners, with men across all age groups (between the ages of 30 to 80) being more likely than women to commit adultery. Surprisingly, the IFS also found that the highest rate of infidelity was in men who were in their seventies.

The IFS also found that men are more likely to cheat multiple times in comparison to women who will, often, only have one-off encounters, although men are 25% more likely to have one-night-stands than women.

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How many married women cheat?

The IFS claims that 13% of the women they asked admitted to cheating on their significant others, with those between the ages of 18 and 29 being more likely than men of the same age to commit adultery in their marriage.

The IFS also states that married women in their sixties have reported their highest rate of infidelity. In addition to this, married women are also 15% more likely to have affairs as a result of emotional attachments than men.

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Can marriages survive the effects of infidelity?

People often wonder why couples stay together after one or both have committed adultery. Surprisingly, being unfaithful is no longer an immediate deal-breaker in a relationship, whether married or not. However, infidelity still remains as one of the top reasons as to why a married couple gets a divorce. But can a marriage survive after acts of adultery?

The National Institute of Health claims that 80% of the divorced couples they studied marked infidelity as the main reasons for their separation. The APA cited that those who are under 30 but over 70 are less likely to divorce after admission of an affair, with 31% of married partners stating that they’d stay in their marriage if their partner confessed to infidelity. An interesting statistic comes from Psychology Today, who states that women are more likely to initiate a divorce, regardless of the reason.

Why might a couple stay together after infidelity?

  • The person made a mistake
  • The person was given a pass by their partner
  • They have children
  • They have faith and draw strength from their religion

What percentage of unmarried couples cheat?

Just because a couple remains unmarried doesn’t mean to say that they’re immune to infidelity and it doesn’t make it any more or less painful for the innocent party. So what’s the likelihood of unmarried partners having affairs?

According to Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist, found that 60% of single men have wooed an individual away from a relationship. She also found that 53% of single women tried to convince another party to leave their significant others for them.

A study carried out in 2018 found that of the unmarried men and women they surveyed, 44% of them had been unfaithful to their partners or have had relations with another person who was in a committed relationship.

Why do partners, both married & unmarried, cheat?

According to research done by the ASA, 15% of men (who are also financially dependent on their spouse) will cheat on their partners. It was also found that young men were more likely to cheat on their significant others, although men are less likely to cheat if they earn at least 70% of the overall household income.

The same research also uncovered that the more a woman earns, the less likely she is to be unfaithful – much like with men. In fact, married women are 25% more likely than men to admit that they’ve committed adultery as a result of problems in the marriage.

So why do partners actually cheat on their other halves? Some of the reasons include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Emotions have influenced their decision, either because of anger, jealousy or revenge
  • They have simply fallen out of love
  • They feel underappreciated
  • They no longer feel committed to the relationship
  • They don’t feel desired in the bedroom
  • A relationship is long-distance
  • There are feelings of low self-esteem in the relationship
  • Wanting, but not receiving, physical comfort or attention
  • Living or working in a setting that involves lots of touching and emotions

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