Corporate Investigation Services

Services for businesses such as employers and legal companies are ever growing. The need to provide evidence to protect either your clients or your own assets are vital and can be very cost effective in the long run or even life saving for your business.

Investigations within the commercial sector are a frequent part of business within our current times but sometimes you can’t always do it alone.

Always use a trusted private investigations agency who are transparent in their operations.

We are available to meet and chat with your HR team now.

Employee Investigations

Can you be sure your employees are doing what they’re meant to be? Are they really where they are, when they say they are? Reasons to investigate an employee are limitless and can include;

  • An employee setting up in competition and poaching your clients, especially during garden leave
  • Theft from your business such as goods or even fuel
  • Loss of profits through excessive spends on fuel which can’t be accounted for
  • Keep track of employee productivity
  • To ensure staff safety, check your employees are following safety guidelines/practices which could invalidate insurance policies you have in place and leave you liable to paying for any injuries incurred

False Absenteeism

Another separate type of employee case on the rise is False Absenteeism, whereby an employee is fraudulently claiming sick leave/sick pay. This is currently on the rise more and more within the United Kingdom.

Main reasons why someone would claim for this include;

  • Moonlighting (working for themselves or someone else)
  • Working for a business competitor
  • Setting up their own business
  • They may be being bullied within the work place
  • To make a claim with an insurance company for a false injury
  • And there are many more.

Let us help you by investigating and get you the evidence to lead you to the truth.

Other Corporate Investigations that we conduct include;

Due Diligence

Checking someone or a company’s credibility. Due diligence is sometimes overlooked and other times not even thought about! But can you really trust the person or company you’re going into or doing business with?

Security of Premises

Are your offices safe and secure? If you’re not sure then let us come take a look and provide you with a no obligation quote for providing a bespoke CCTV package from one of our trusted team.

Penetration Testing

Test your own security measures. One of our investigators will show you how far someone can go without proper reason or cause. This can highlight exactly where your security efforts need to be adjusted or re-thought. A key example of this can be accommodation facilities; university halls, establishments where employees can sleep on site. Test your security now so if a real situation develops they’re ready.


Anti-surveillance or counter-surveillance is a term used where surveillance is being prevented. This can be either by carrying out personal drills to lose your followers or employing teams to shadow you to highlight if a surveillance team is conducting observations on you.

At Delta 74 we can provide you with counter-surveillance teams to deploy with you to detect any other surveillance teams. Giving you that peace of mind that you’re not being watched by anyone you don’t want to be watching you.

This isn’t a body guard service nor should it be treated that way but the team would identify and tell you the necessary steps of what to do if you are being watched or followed.

Alternatively, we can come and provide advice and consult with you about the current surveillance threat against your company and how you can tackle it by using some simple methods.

We can deliver a one-to-one consultation and teach very basic anti-surveillance drills and give you our Anti-Surveillance Booklet to remind you of the principles for future reference.

Common clients for us that use this service are CEO’s/head of departments, anyone who fears they are being stalked and people who want to protect their assets and want to avoid information being gathered on them.

Enquire now and arrange a consultation period to broaden your mind and become aware of the threat posed to you or your business.