Coronavirus and Private Investigations

These are terrible circumstances we face and I hope you are reading this in good health whilst safe and comfortable during the lockdown. Now you have time on your hands to read my posts I want to talk about coronavirus and private investigations.

We are here in a limited capacity to help you during this pandemic as private investigators.

Be Smart, Be Opportunistic

Now I write this with some advice for those with a personal need such as someone who is being cheated on.

If you are in this terrible situation and feel your partner is cheating on you then living with them in lockdown is hell. You can use this time to your advantage though!

Matrimonial investigations are one of our specialities so please get in touch.

The Time Is Now

At the moment coronavirus and private investigations are not a good mix. Whilst we are all in lockdown, travel is only for essential needs only, so I ask please as most of us doing are, stay in and save lives. Therefore, we cannot risk anyone’s safety for the sake of a normal private investigation.

With that said, going out to meet a mistress or secret man does not fall into that category at all. There are things you can do to try and get that one step ahead though…

If you suspect there is infidelity occurring then you can do some in-house surveillance on your cheating partner. What I mean by this is watch their habits and new daily routine. We have all had to adjust to life in lockdown and our habits have changed dramatically.

Is your cheating partner trying their best to spend most of their day in a separate part of the house? Maybe at a particular time of the day they disappear off.

Are they part of the work from home crew? Not needed to be furloughed from their job and still working or are they using that as a ploy to need peace and quiet… perhaps check in on their company’s website for any updates around their services due to coronavirus.

One thing we anticipate is happening is during our one hour of daily outdoor exercise is that this is when contact is being made. Whether it be in the form of meeting up or that essential phone call they want to make. A good sign to look for here is if your cheating partner doesn’t normally walk the dog now wants to do it every few hours.

A relationship outside of the home during this pandemic relies solely on contact to stay alive. Find that link to how that contact is being made and you have a lead to follow.

How has it affected us helping you?

Unfortunately, Delta 74 Private Investigations are not carrying out investigation work at the moment. We are adhering to the governments instructions to stay in except for daily exercise or shopping for essentials and medicines.

We are available to exchange emails or messages via WhatsApp in preparation for you to carry out surveillance investigations or vehicle tracking as soon as this lockdown period ends whenever that may be.

Most private investigators across the UK are in the same position now and really only those carrying process serving work are carrying on.

Looking ahead with coronavirus and private investigations

This will not last forever in my opinion. The steps being taken I think are completely necessary and needed.

When the time comes though we will be raring and ready to go. We are using this time wisely to relax and rest which isn’t something you get to do as a private investigator!

As with most industries, after this is looking to be over and the lockdown lifted, I envisage that there is going to be a surge in enquiries. If you are wanting an investigation to go ahead or simply want advice reach out to me at and we can plan well in advance!

Thanks for reading, stay in and stay safe.


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