Child Protection at Christmas

Christmas is a time for families coming together and creating happy memories. That said, for children whose parents are split, they will spend time between their mum and dad.

For some parent’s this is a nightmare. A day of absolute dread. Our Child Protection service at Christmas allows worried parents to know exactly what is going on with their children and where.

Now our children are the most important part of our lives and people will do anything to ensure they’re safe. We are completely impartial around the situation of why you need us to observe the care a child is receiving so please do not think you will be faced with judgement from us. Of course, we will ensure there is a legitimate interest for the investigation to move forward.

What are child protection services from Delta 74?

It is rather simple, when performing a child protection investigation we follow and observe so that you know where your child/ren are and what they are doing. Not only that but we give a fly on the wall view of how your children are being treated by the guardian that day. Thankfully so far, whilst providing this service we have only seen happy children with their guardians. As standard with any of our discreet surveillance services this is all backed up by video and photographic evidence so you can see for yourself just how your children are being treated.

What we do is NOT a body guard service so please bear this in mind.

A Case Study

A recent child protection case we completed in the East Midlands showed two children in the care of their new foster parents. Our client was dubious of the new foster parent’s and their behaviour during meetings.

We were tasked to gain a true reflection of the family’s day to day activity and demeanour. We carried out a discreet surveillance period and observed a very happy family. Even when there was some naughtiness from one the children the foster parents acted in a very calm manner and showed clear parenting ability.

We can only capture evidence of the truth and cannot create situations, so what we saw and videoed that day would be a true reflection of the family’s behaviour. Our client was pleased with the outcome based on our evidence allowing everyone to move forward. Most importantly the children were in a safe place.

Remember, we act discreetly and always do our very best to ensure the guardian and child/ren are not aware of our presence so that we gain that true reflection of their behaviour.


The benefits of using this service are that you will know the location of your child/ren and exactly what they are doing and who with. Discreetly.

It can also give a very clear indication into the relationship your child/ren has with their other parent. As our emotions can cloud what we perceive as being the best for our child/ren. Time with their other parent can be crucial for the child/ren.

Another benefit is if there are any restrictions around the care they are receiving such as certain people not having permission to interact with the child/ren then we will gain evidence of that for you to use in future.

Lastly, should we witness any harm or danger to the child we will be able to alert yourself and the authorities very quickly if needed. Worst case scenario would be that we could also intervene if it is a very serious situation.

To Conclude

If this has rang true at any point feel free to call us to arrange a meeting for you or someone who you think could benefit from using our child protection service at Christmas. Remember, we act discreetly and always do our very best to ensure the guardian and child/ren are not aware of our presence so that we gain that true reflection of their behaviour.

Thanks for reading and please share far and wide! Our kids are so precious!

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