Cheating At Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year, a time for sharing gifts and creating memories together. Of course, that will mean then it is rife with affairs and cheating partner’s acting even more suspicious than ever to cover up their spending and their time away.

We always see a huge surge in cheating partner cases in December and the run up to Christmas but this year will be even more hectic as we head out of the nationwide lockdown and cheating partner’s feel they can take more risks.

What is it about Christmas?

For many in the United Kingdom, Christmas is a time when families meet up and people want to spend time with their loved ones. Add in the fact it’s a national holiday so a lot of cheating partner’s are off work and these two factors mean there is good reason for cheaters to meet up with plenty of opportunity.

The Christmas spirit also means going ‘shopping’ for a few hours alone wouldn’t be too much of a red flag…

Past Trends

What we have seen in past years is a huge ramp up as cheating partners want and need to see each other around Christmas Day. The week before the 25th is a crucial time to be on the look out if you have building suspicions that your partner is cheating. If nothing has your senses tingling then the week after and the run up to New Year is even more crucial as cheating partners almost always have to see each other around this period to exchange gifts.

One year we recorded a cheating partner who did nothing of the sort until New Years Eve when they then met up with their lover and the pair went away together overnight. The cheating partner claiming that they were away with work friends to celebrate New Years.. terrible news to deliver to our client on New Years Day, however they got the full truth of the situation.

Christmas cheating

Signs To Look Out For

The signs are usually there all year round and are pretty standard for normal cheating partner cases however they do shift slightly at Christmas;

  • Spending habits – how much are they spending on gifts. Are you able to account for them all?
  • Solo shopping trips – one or two trips would be normal but more than this is definitely suspicious. Did they bring the gifts home and if not, what is the situation around them?
  • Nights/meals out – what are the plans of your cheating partner. Any events that aren’t in character at all? Even events with people you don’t know too well…
  • The western world slows right down on the run up to Christmas – why is your partner still working so hard and for so long then?? Are they really working all those hours…

The Works Christmas Party

This year with everything that is going on and the new Covid tier system, works Christmas parties are going to be very different. A lot of companies host huge parties at hotels which are a massive frenzy for cheaters to have their night together but this year cheating partners are going to have to be a bit more inventive, I think.

I’m fairly sure many workplaces will still attempt some sort of function but watch out for exactly what is going on because your partner could be untruthful and use a fake Christmas party to spend the night elsewhere this year.

Affairs at Christmas

For some of our past clients this has given the first sign of anything untoward about their cheating partner which then led to quick unspiralling of full-blown love affairs. As devastating as this is for clients, they have always told me that they had to know and can move forward easier knowing the truth.

If you fear you are in this situation then please reach out and let us advise you of some top tips and how we can help.

Thank you for reading, we hope you have a wonderful and safe Christmas.

Christmas cheating
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