Bug Sweeping – What is it?

For our March blog I am going to be discussing bug sweeping and what it is and what it isn’t.

As private investigators we use spy bugs in our work on nearly every surveillance investigation. With the technology now, we aim to use every piece of equipment we can to give us the edge and that includes bugs. Bug Sweeping is the other side, where we find bugs placed to give the edge to whoever placed it.

What type of bugs are there?

Before I discuss the finding of bugs you need to know what a ‘bug’ is in this situation.

Bugs is a very generic word now and really; they fall into three types now;

  • Hidden cameras
    • Exactly what it says on the tin with these. Remember Matt Hancock being recorded with his other woman? That was a hidden camera most likely concealed within a smoke detector or something similar that can be placed on the ceiling where no one would notice. Hidden cameras now are getting smaller and smaller and really can be built into and hidden in any type of non-descript enclosure. Smoke alarms, clocks, picture frames, plant pots. We have used all of these in the past.
  • Listening devices
    • Not as useful these days as hidden cameras normally can record any sounds now but they are definitely still in use heavily. The main benefit of listening devices is that they are less intrusive compared to cameras as they won’t catch as much data. Listening devices are used far more in corporate and business investigations for that reason. It’s less risk to a business of being too intrusive in their methods compared to cameras.
  • Vehicle trackers
    • The least intrusive of the three bug types in use. Vehicle trackers are very common in most investigations now and come in all shapes and sizes but the results they can achieve is amazing. One main benefit of this type of bug is their battery life, they can be placed and track a vehicle for months at a time without needing to be recharged.

Why do people use spy bugs in everyday life?

The list of reasons for bugs being used now is endless. Parents turn their own children’s phone into a spy bug when they install parent monitoring apps. The most common threat we see though is when a spouse places a vehicle tracker or listening device into their partners car because of suspicions of an affair. There are far worse reasons such as sexual gratification for predators which unfortunately is becoming more and more common as the technology gets cheaper. This is the reason why our shop is for trade only.

The main reason for this paragraph if you’re reading, is to make clear that the threat of a spy bug being used against you now is very high and only increasing as technology gets more advanced and cheaper.

How do we carry out bug sweeping?

The first thing we will do is assess the level of the threat. If it is to do a bug sweep of offices then we will try and understand your suspicions of who may be working against you. Similarly, if you suspect your partner of placing bugs, we will discuss their suspicions.

Once we have had the threat discussion we will then come and visit your space you need looking and conduct the bug sweep.

We will use our equipment which reads various frequencies to locate where a bug may be transmitting from. At the same time, we will search all the likely areas by hand and check visually there is nothing there that shouldn’t be. We will also use camera detecting equipment that is designed to see camera lenses that have been hidden away.

Once the bug sweep of the space is done, we will have one of two results – obviously. We find spy bugs or we don’t. Either way we will advise you best steps to move forward.

What can I do to help myself?

If you are worried about being spied on through someone using bugs then you’re already on the right course reading this blog. The first action you need to take is to understand that the threat is real and from there, learn of all the various types of spy bugs available on the market. The best way is to look at Amazon here, that have a huge selection of very affordable spy bugs for anyone to buy and then use against their intended target.

Simply type into Amazon the word ‘spy’ and a huge category of equipment will be shown to you. You can go down a huge rabbit hole of stock that Amazon sellers promote and learn how these devices can be hidden.

To finish up

All in all, not the cheeriest of topic for a blog post however we have seen a huge spike in the number of calls for our bug sweeping services to be employed and I can only envisage that it will continue to keep getting worse.

If this blog has not helped you possibly move forward alone then give us a call to get some advice or arrange for us to come out and do some bug sweeping done. You can see our bug sweeping service page here.

Until next time, all the best! Dan

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