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Surveillance – is 2 better than 1

At Delta 74 Private Investigations we only ever deploy on a surveillance job with a minimum crew of two people. Factors dictate, however we can always bump it up to three/four or more but ALWAYS a minimum of two. Why do we do this? Purely because there are so many scenarios that can unfold during [...]

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Employee Theft

Employee theft from businesses in Great Britain costs over £190 million a year according to Barclays Bank. Now as a small business ourselves, we know all about how losses can have a huge effect on the running of day to day business, and the unnecessary stress it can cause within a workplace. Unfortunately, thieves operate [...]

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4 Common Signs Your Partner is Cheating

One of our biggest markets is the matrimonial side. Catching cheating partners red handed. It is a 50/50 tally according to our own findings between men and women cheating. We’re both as bad as each other. The way we do it isn’t all that different either but the why isn’t always that clear and unfortunately, [...]

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5 Simple Tips on How to Catch a Cheater Partner

In this article I am going to give you my little top tips of how to find small clues to catch a cheating partner, all by being a bit of a private investigator yourself. It’s these small clues that lead to the bigger picture and can sometimes mean you don’t need to hire us. Just [...]

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How to choose a Private Investigator

First of all, let me say I know how it feels to use a service like an investigator. Choosing a private investigator is daunting and full of uncertainty which is mainly because of how agencies have been portrayed in the media and in films over the years. It is a cloak and dagger type [...]

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