Are Private Investigators a thing in the UK?

The world of private investigation has always held a certain allure, driven by our fascination with solving mysteries and uncovering the truth. But are private investigators a legitimate profession in the United Kingdom, or are they confined to the realms of fiction? Let’s delve into the world of private investigators in the UK and explore the role they play in the security industry.

A Closer Look at Private Investigators

Private investigators, commonly known as PIs, are definitely a thing in the UK and are part of the security industry. Our work goes beyond the intrigue of crime novels and blockbuster films. In fact, there are currently around 10,000 private investigators actively working in the sector, showing the substantial demand for our services.

The Services Provided by Private Investigators

The easiest way for me to answer Are Private Investigators a thing in the UK is to explain the main list of services we offer. 

These services play a crucial role in various aspects of the security industry and they are:


One of the most well-known functions of private investigators and our specialist skill, is covert surveillance. Whether it’s monitoring a person’s activities, tracking down a suspect, or uncovering evidence for legal cases, private investigators use various surveillance techniques to gather information discreetly and professionally.

People Tracing

Private investigators are often called upon to locate individuals who may have gone missing or need to be found for legal or personal reasons. We have access to databases, tools, and investigative skills to track down missing persons, beneficiaries, or debtors.

are private investigators a thing in the uk

Process Serving

Quite often a service not thought of is process serving which involves delivering legal documents to individuals involved in a court case or legal matter. Private investigators are well-versed in the legal requirements and intricacies of process serving, ensuring that documents are delivered quickly and effectively whilst always being within the confines of the law.

Background Checks

Private investigators can conduct comprehensive background checks on individuals, providing valuable insights into their history, including criminal records, financial information, and personal history. These checks are often essential for businesses, individuals, or legal proceedings.

Corporate Investigations

Private investigators also assist businesses in protecting their interests. We can conduct corporate investigations to uncover fraud, embezzlement, and other misconduct within organizations, helping companies maintain integrity and safeguard their assets.

Matrimonial Investigations

Private investigators can be engaged to investigate suspicions of infidelity or marital issues. Their discretion and ability to gather evidence can provide clarity and resolution in difficult personal situations.

Employee Investigations

Private investigators are often employed by businesses to conduct employee investigations. These investigations may involve uncovering issues such as workplace misconduct, false sickness claims, theft, or violation of company policies. Private investigators ensure that the investigative process is conducted professionally and ethically, helping businesses maintain a secure and trustworthy work environment.

Lie Detection - EyeDetect

Lie detection is a critical aspect of many investigations. Private investigators may utilize advanced tools like EyeDetect to gauge truthfulness and deception. EyeDetect uses cutting-edge technology to analyse eye movements and changes in pupil dilation, providing valuable insights into a person’s truthfulness during questioning. This technology is a powerful asset in uncovering the facts in various investigative scenarios.


Private investigators are not just a product of fiction; they are a tangible and integral part of the security industry in the UK. With a wide array of services ranging from surveillance to people tracing, they offer invaluable support to individuals, businesses, and the legal system. Their expertise and commitment to uncovering the truth make them a vital resource for those in need of answers, ensuring that the mysteries they unravel are not confined to the pages of a novel but become real-life solutions in the world we live in.

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