5 Ways to Detect a Surveillance Team

In the current climate there are hundreds of reasons now why you may be under surveillance ranging from an insurance company looking to verify your claim to a business competitor looking to gain knowledge of your business movements to aid them in intercepting possible customers and undercutting you. Detecting a surveillance team can be done by anyone once you have a good understanding of what you need to look for.

The Presence of the Abnormal and the Absence of the Normal

Typically, this applies strongly around your home and place of work. These are two fixed locations that are usually known to a surveillance team and will be used as a start point for surveillance operations.

Around your home address and for a lot of people around their work address you will know what is normal and what is not. You will know which car belongs to which house, who walks their dog past your house. Nowadays our postie is the same as is Amazon drivers so always be aware of new faces who make deliveries as it is a tactic used to gain information for various reasons.  New and strange acting characters will attract your attention so always take notice!

Drive Slow

Contrary to what you may think but driving slower is the better option to detect a surveillance team. Due to driving slower it will give you more time to check your surroundings and make notes of what vehicles are behind you. Driving slower will also make the surveillance team have to drive slower forcing them to show out to remain behind you during prolonged periods.

Car Parks

This is ideally done in quieter car parks but can be done in any. Drive to a car park you know of well and look to park as close to the exit of the car park as you can. As you do see who else parks in that car park with and notice how far from the store they park. Most people park to get close to the entrance of the store they’re visiting so people parking further away are easily noticeable.

One-Way Streets

A great way to make a surveillance team sweat is to park your car on a one-way street and then walk against the traffic. A surveillance team will be forced to have to get on foot to maintain their surveillance on you and due to it being a fast scenario they will be rushing and possibly look out of place doing so. This will give you the opportunity to note who parks and follows you.


Road Crossings

A very simple way to get a ‘free look’ at who is behind you and in a discreet way. The best way is to pick a traffic light crossing as this can give you more time to look around. Looking up and down the road makes it look to a surveillance team you are observing traffic but try your best to notice who else is walking around you. Use that knowledge to then identify who is still walking close to you after a few minutes.

These 5 Ways to Detect a Surveillance Team are very basic and are intended to be that way so you can remember them as being under surveillance is very nerve racking and uncomfortable. Please always remember to follow the laws of the road and be safe.

If you feel threatened, please just call 999 in the first instance so that the police can assist you immediately.

If you do feel you are under surveillance or that you are being stalked you can reach out to us at Delta 74 Private Investigations and we can provide you with a one-to-one anti-surveillance consultation of your best steps to take. Alternatively, we can assist with counter-surveillance services and we will get evidence of the person or people that are following you around!

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