5 Simple Tips on How to Catch a Cheating Partner

In this article I am going to give you my little top tips of how to find small clues to catch a cheating partner, all by being a bit of a private investigator yourself.

It’s these small clues that lead to the bigger picture and can sometimes mean you don’t need to hire us. Just please, be discreet yourself! Below are 5 easy tricks that are very doable and can be very discreet. Only one will possibly gain the solid evidence of video that we can gain on your behalf.

Check The Bins, And I Mean All Of Them

Not the prettiest of the bunch but sometimes the quickest and most effective. Even to the point of finding a condom or the morning after pill packet in with the banana peels. Finding something like that is gold dust in terms of evidence but not that common. Stranger things have happened though!

The more likely is that some detective work is usually needed in piecing together receipts. Such as fuel receipts. Use Google to find a particular garage that was used which is normally listed on the receipt. Is it different to the usual petrol station, a bit further away, located near to a hotel?

Fitting the jigsaw together with receipts corroborated with bank statements can lead to solid evidence to confront your cheating partner with.

Open Source Information - Social Media Searches

With the digital knowledge we have now of spotting spam emails etc, a lot of cheating partners are on top of things with this one. There are always ways round this though. If can spot your partner liking a few too many photos on Instagram of someone.. Stalk them!

Profile locked? Create a new email (2-minute job), make a new social media account (2 minute job) and boom you’ve become a catfish (pretending to be someone else online) and befriend them into looking at their profile.

Things to notice on your partners profile is if their posts are being liked by a certain individual constantly. Are they talking to someone via a closed page, such as a local village group?

This tip is all about being creative and the ladies will be a bit better than the men at this one!Private Detective

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Vehicle Tracking - Mileage

A tip that is very small and unnoticeable to some. If you can say for sure your partners office is 10 miles away then in a day, they shouldn’t be driving more than 20ish miles. Reset their mileage clock and see how far your partner is really going. Your cheating partner might leave at a normal time and get home at a normal time but a dinner break can be enough to nip away and have their affair! Tracking their car through the mileage counter can tell a story indeed!

If you need a more consistent tracking option then check out our technical services page for vehicle tracking options.

Phone Tracking - Find Friends App

This is one that is a very big grey area into the realms of stalking and a tip I’d like say I strongly advise against you using. That said people tend to do crazy things so I will quickly touch on it.

Logging onto your partners phone and turning this feature on without their knowledge, is at least morally, a massive breach of their privacy but it can really show you exactly what your partner is up to and where they go. Allowing you to follow them to that hotel meeting or fancy evening meal.

This is a type of service we will never touch as it is too close to being illegal and the evidence it may gain would not hold up in court if it got that far.

Try Technical Surveillance, Use A Spy Camera - Alfred Camera

Have an old smart phone with a camera?? Download this app ‘Alfred Cam’ and turn it into a remote camera allowing you to view it from your phone and capture your cheating partner in the act!

Their website for a further look is: https://alfred.camera/

A very simple app to use and all you need is an old smartphone that connects to Wifi and can be plugged in (so it can always be turned on). The app itself shows you how to use it just make sure the camera is hidden or discreetly placed in plain sight so you don’t get caught out.

More information can be found on our technical services page, again!

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Delta 74 Private Investigations Owner – Dan

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