3 Reasons Why Private Investigators Get Better Results

Don’t see the need for a professional private investigator? Think you can do it yourself? Here are 3 reasons why private investigators get better results…

In today’s world everyone has a video camera on hand, almost turning everyone into a potential investigator ready to capture evidence, but I want to discuss the benefits of using a professional service versus your own DIY investigations.

Let us convince you why hiring a professional is best!

We've got the tools of the trade

Some of our previous blogs and top tips over the past few months have mentioned ways of finding small pieces of evidence yourself such as, tracking the mileage of your partners car or rifling through your bins for receipts. Although these tips are brilliant, they can never match up to an in-depth open source internet search or a period of directed surveillance where HD quality footage is captured and evidenced.

Yes, your phone might be able to record HD videos, but the means of recording most likely will not be undercover and discreet. Our private investigators are highly experienced and trained to discreetly record our subjects up close and personal whether it be in shops, bars or restaurants, all whilst no one is any the wiser. Believe it or not being sneaky is a skill which some people can find really hard to do effectively.

Then at the end of all this, our results are ready to be presented in an easy to read report and edited video to a cheating partner or an employee exaggerating their sickness claims, and this is ultimately indisputable. We can only record the truth after all…

We Abide By The Law

At Delta 74 every piece of evidence we gain is obtained in a way that (if needed) can be used in the court of law, otherwise our clients are not investing their money wisely. Evidence that is useless right when you need it is wasted money!

Sometimes private investigators can often be called upon as a witness to court proceedings to help strengthen client cases even further. This is when using a reputable private investigator is crucial because if they aren’t legitimate, the evidence produced for you can be thrown out completely, thus wasting your money.

For example, a huge fact to bear in mind is that legally a surveillance investigator always needs to be on public property to be able to record video evidence unless an entry fee was paid (at a place such as a theme park or zoo).

The law is one of the main things that is almost always overlooked by our clients.

We Act With Impartiality

When you employ a company or agency to help with a case such as a cheating partner where emotions for you as a client are running high, it is critical that a private investigator remains impartial, and it’s what we are good at.

Where you might act on impulse, an agent can remain objective. We cannot deviate from the truth and we will not twist a situation to fit a narrative that suits you as a client or even to somehow benefit us. That way it is completely fair to all parties involved and whoever is acting illegally or in the wrong will be found out.

We conduct ourselves in this way for all the work we carry out and we never judge any of the people involved, no matter what the circumstances.

So Have We Convinced You?

Could you really act fairly, professionally and lawfully to gain the evidence you need in a case that you are close to?

Rest assured that passing on your suspicions over to us will ensure that, if there is anything unlawful to be found, we will get the evidence to prove it for you. All whilst upholding these 3 reasons why private investigators get better results.

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