10 Signs That Your Partner is Being Faithful

There are several pieces of content out there that will outline signs to look out for if you’re worried that your partner is cheating on you. However, there’s not much online that’ll explain things your partner might do if they aren’t cheating on you.
If you’re wondering whether or not your significant other is seeing someone else, looking at the best outcome (that they aren’t being unfaithful) might be the best way to start. However, if your suspicions are warranted, then it might be worthwhile bringing in a private investigator to confirm either way. But before you go down that route, here are a few signs that your partner is being faithful to you:
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1. They’re honest with you about everything

From admitting that they’ve pranged the car to sharing happy news, your partner won’t think twice about keeping something from you, no matter how big or small it might be. They’ll see you as someone to confide in and that, in itself, is a sign of trust. If your partner often tells white lies or regularly keeps things from you, like if you find out that they didn’t go to the shops when they said they did, for example, then they could be cheating on you.

However, there might be a reasonable explanation for it all; that’s where communication comes in. If they’re not forthright or become defensive during your conversation, then it would give you grounds to suspect they’re being unfaithful. If the contrary is true, then your partner is likely being loyal to you.

2. They’re clearly committed to your relationship

All relationships have issues at some point or another, so don’t see the first problem that arises as a red flag. If your significant other is committed to getting past any issues and moving onto happier things, then you can be safe in the knowledge that they aren’t cheating on you. They’ll try everything to make your relationship work and they’ll also be open and trusting of you. Someone who is guarded and closed off could be hiding something, especially if they’re that way about their mobile phones or other smart devices.

3. Their feelings about you are natural & consistent

It will be obvious if your partner is trying to force feelings of love and affection on you. It would also be plain to see if their feelings towards you were inconsistent. If your partner’s feelings towards you don’t change, then it’s likely they’re staying loyal to you, claims Chris Armstrong, the founder of Maze of Love (a relationship coaching company). Their feelings towards you also won’t be forced, instead, they’ll be almost second-nature to them.

4. They always put in the effort to make things work

If someone is cheating on you, then they’ll likely have one foot in, one foot out of the relationship. This is representative of a person who is ok being in a relationship with you but is looking for something else in the meantime.

If they’re not present and in the moment with you, then it’s likely they’re seeing someone else, according to Marline Francois-Madden, a psychotherapist and CEO of Hearts Empowerment Counselling Centre. She also claims that the sign of a truly faithful partner is someone who is invested in coming up with great date night ideas or making plans for just the two of you, for example.

Another thing to consider is arguments. Someone who is unfaithful will be looking for any excuse to leave the relationship. If your partner is committed to solving a problem or is willing to talk about an issue you have, then they actually want things to work.

Seeing through problems in a relationship isn’t always easy. If your partner didn’t want to be with you, or found what they wanted elsewhere, they wouldn’t bother trying to get over that hurdle with you.

5. They’re open with you about everything

A healthy relationship doesn’t involve keeping secrets from one another. If your partner is sharing their worries and insecurities, without any prompting from yourself, then they’re wanting to stay emotionally connected to you. By doing this, your partner is opening themselves up to you because they want you to be a part of their lives.

If you’re finding that your partner is making themselves emotionally unavailable, then have a conversation about it. If you find out that they’re keeping secrets from you, or are hiding text messages or are jumpy when the phone rings, for example, then you’d have reason to believe that they could be cheating on you. But if they’re open and honest with you, even down to letting you use their phone if yours is unavailable, for instance, then they’re likely being faithful to you.

6. They aren’t afraid to express their emotions or physical affection

Whether this be in public or just between yourselves, someone who is comfortable and secure in a relationship will feel trusting enough to express their emotions and be affectionate with you. The red flag usually starts when a partner starts withholding affection and isn’t interested in opening up to you emotionally, suggests Laurel House, a celebrity dating and relationship coach.

If your partner doesn’t wish to connect with you in this way anymore, then it could be a sign that they’re connecting with someone else on this level instead. So if your partner is still affectionate towards you and is open about their feelings and emotions, then you can rest assured that they probably aren’t cheating on you.

7. They don’t get jealous

If they’re defensive about you speaking to another woman or man, because they’re scared that you might run off with them, then it’s likely that they, themselves, are cheating on you instead. However, if your partner is perfectly comfortable watching you speaking to another person, then this means that they trust you and it’s a healthy sign in a relationship.

It suggests that they’re secure and satisfied with everything that’s going on, so there’s no need for them to go looking for that elsewhere, hence why it’s a sign that your partner is being completely faithful to you.<

8. You’re included in every aspect of their life

Where appropriate, if your partner includes you in everything they do, then they’re highly-unlikely to be seeing someone else behind your back. Where they won’t be able to bring you to the office, for example, they could invite you to the office party or to the pub with some of their friends from work. If your partner was cheating on you, they’d probably be looking for any excuse to leave the house without you or meet up with friends without asking if you’d like to come as well. Although the aforementioned isn’t a sure sign that your partner is cheating on you, it would give you grounds for suspicion.

9. Your opinions & wishes are of the utmost importance

Big, elaborate gestures are a very flattering way of letting someone know that they’re important to you, but often, the same effect can be had when done on a much smaller scale as well. If your partner values your thoughts, opinions, wishes and feelings, without being defensive or controlling, then this is a good, healthy sign in a relationship. If your partner values your opinions, wants and needs, then it could be a sign that they’re being faithful to you.

10. They’re always thinking about you

There will be times when you can’t always be hanging out with your partner every day, and that’s fine. You’ll likely lead different, busy lives sometimes, especially if you both work full time. But if they’re sending you messages or giving you a quick call at lunchtime, it lets you know that they’re thinking of you, even when you aren’t there with them. Their mind isn’t on anything, or anyone, else. This is another sign that your partner is being faithful to you.

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